54º North Jurassic Pork Selection
54º North Jurassic Pork Selection
54º North Jurassic Pork Selection
54º North Jurassic Pork Selection
54º North Jurassic Pork Selection

54º North Jurassic Pork Selection

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An incredible taster pack of our home farm reared heritage, native pigs, with a slab of belly pork, pork loin, traditional Cumberland sausage and an incredible Argentinian Chorizo burger, using one of the chefs we supply own recipes.

Our rare breed Tamworth pigs are raised slowly over 7 months and fed a very varied diet of carrots, sugar beet, apples, hay, straw and pig meal. The pig food they started on contained soy husks which is a by-product of human soy food consumption and the fruit & vegetables are from a local grocer who would otherwise throw them out. We’ve now migrated to a soy free diet which also doesn’t contain palm oil which most commercial pig food does.

The flavour will be different to anything you’ve tasted before. Slightly darker meat, full of flavour, which comes from a varied diet and being slow grown with plenty of room to exercise. Pork as it used to taste, indeed as it should taste, porky pork!

The pigs were outside reared in a walled wood until about 14 weeks. We then housed them inside in a very large barn with lots of straw in their litter group of 8 for about 3 months. The last 3 months they were in a pig hut on our farm with free access to an outside area to wander and root in. We explain this as it doesn’t fit into a common system, it's not not free range, not inside reared, but a system that produces quality meat from happy pigs that have been slow grown and have a high quality of life. If the happiness of the animals you eat is as important to you as it is to us, then this is the sort of pork you should be buying.

🥩 Each pork belly is approximately 800g

🐷 Pork loins can vary in shape and size depending on where we have cut them from but will be approximately 500g

🌭 The Cumberland sausage is approximately 600g

🍔 The Argentinian Chorizo burgers are approximately 150g each

📦 Delivery date: Thursday 5th May

🕛  Order before midnight on Sunday 1st May

🚜  UK mainland delivery included

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